ZT-DRMCDEAD Zombie Target

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    ZT-DRMCDEAD Zombie Target

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    Doctors are always concerned with catching the illness from their patients, but this poor guy had no idea!  Went in to give an exam, and came out craving brains!   Now you need to perform a surgical strike to the head if you are to ever have a chance to be an outpatient.  Use the faint scoring lines to make sure he is dead. You sure you want your child to become a doctor?

    Full Color Paper Target
    Size: 23" x 35"

    Watch the Video

    The video shown below was submitted by one of our customers. In his demonstration, the ZT-SLIM paper target was glued to a cardboard backer and cut with a jig saw to create the shape. Maximize the fun by adding our Hostage Target System. The only thing better than shooting zombies is shooting MOVING zombies! 


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