Steel - 8" Training Target - Standard Base with Target Holder - Handgun Rated

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    Steel - 8" Training Target - Standard Base with Target Holder - Handgun Rated

    Code: PS-SD-TH-8-H
    Price: $207.99
    Shipping Weight: 23.40 pounds
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    Ships from Ohio By 2/19/2020


    • Pistol target rated for calibers up to .45 ACP
    • Includes our standard duty base which is designed for recreational use and personal training
    • Multifunctional base allows you to shoot steel, paper, and cardboard targets
    • Place the 8" metal plate behind your cardboard target and receive audio and visual feedback with each good shot
    • With the lock pin installed, target bounces back when shot then resets to the forward leaning position (only center hits produce feedback)
    • With lock pin removed, target falls when shot
    • Forward lean can be adjusted so multiple hits are required to drop the target
    • Teaches shooters to keep their sites on target for follow up shots
    • Instant feedback is proven to increase speed and accuracy
    • Train for center mass or head shots by adjusting the length of the 2x4 post
    • Place non-threat targets off center for hostage simulation
    • 8" x 1/4" AR500 target slips on and off standard wood 2x4s
    • Reversible target plate for extended life
    • All-weather design with powder coat finish is capable of year-round outdoor use
    • Heavy 1/4" steel frame construction helps protect against errant handgun shots
    • Portable, lightweight design with ergonomic front carry handle. Weighs only 21 lbs.
    • Target plate ships without paint / cardboard and wood items are not included


    This target system is designed for tactical and personal defense training. It combines the realism of shooting a life-like target with the feedback of a steel target. This portable unit weighs only 21 lbs. and can be disassembled in seconds for transportation or storage. With the lock pin installed, the target bounces back when shot then resets to the forward leaning position. With the lock pin removed, the target falls when shot. The innovative four point stance elevates the center of the stand so the weight is supported by the outer contact points. This reduces wobble and provides stability on uneven terrain. The stand legs are notched for staking if extra stability is needed. Target Stand and Head Assembly accept standard wood 2x4 posts that can be cut to your desired length and changed out in seconds without any tools. The metal targets are laser cut to reduce heat and preserve the hardness of the AR500 steel. Our Head Assembly uses high strength carriage bolts and heavy die springs rather than welds for mounting. This allows the target plates to be reversed which increases their life and helps keep the shooting surface flat and smooth. The wood post and steel target lean forward at a 30 degree angle to deflect bullet splatter safely to the ground. Bullet fragments do not deteriorate cardboard targets.


    Target Plate: 8" x 1/4" thick AR500 steel plate - plate ships unpainted
    Construction: Heavy gage steel with black powder coat finish
    Stand Dimensions: 24" long x 22" wide x 9" tall
    Weight: 21.4 lbs.

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