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Fantastic Targets!  

By: Mitch | From: Cincinnati, OH | About Me: Gun Collector

"I've used many different types of targets, but these SNS Poppers are the best. I bought two and couldn't be happier. They're absolutely the easiest targets to set up and you can get down to the fun stuff!"

Awesome Steel Targets!  

By: Allan | From: Atlanta, GA | About Me: Competitive Shooter

“The stake system is light to carry and easy to place exactly where you want the steel target. The material shows no wear or damage after being hit with both 5.56 and 308 from 100 and 200 yards!”

Great Product  

By: Southpaw Jim | From: Jasper, IN | About Me: Competitive Shooter

“This product is well made and is an important part of my shooting gear. Setup is quick and easy, I will definitely be buying more in the future.”

Excellent Product / Buy It!  

By: Lloyd | From: Los Fresnos, TX | About Me: Hunter

“The plate is hard all the way to the edge and glancing hits have not removed any metal. Compared to similar products, this one is a bargain. Visual and auditory feedback is good for the soul!”

Good Buy  

By: The Hawk | From: Cherry Valley, CA | About Me: Law Enforcement / Military

“What a good deal. For the money, you cant get much better fun than this. Not a dent or ding on the plate. We shot it with .22 , thru .45 ACP. I just ordered another.”

Built To Last  

By: Chris LJ | From: Troy, OH | About Me: Occasional Shooter

“It has a very nice black finish that should hold up well, and it is compact enough that you could just leave it in the trunk of your car. It is a fine product and money well spent.”

Awesome Target  

By: BEAR ARMS GUN SALES | From: Big Bear, CA | About Me: Gunsmith

“If you love shooting steel this is the target for you!”

Great Product / Great Value  

By: Bill | From: Gunnison, CO | About Me: Hunter

“This target system is well designed, easy to set up, safe, very durable and a great value. I use with my Glock 23 40 cal. S&W. Will buy this product again. No negatives with this target system.”


By: sesimmons | From: Kentucky | About Me: Gun Collector

“Quality is top notch and function is superb. Highly recommend.”

Great Instant Feedback from Target  

By: Chas | From: Des Moines, IA | About Me: Occasional Shooter

“I have been using this for 3 months now and love how easy it is to set-up. I have used everything from AR, AK, 30-30 and +P 45 ACP rounds on this steel target and it is holding up to all the punishment thus far. I will be looking to purchase a couple more of these targets in the future to have even more fun!”

A Multitude of Uses  

By: Sangfroid | From: Georgetown, OH | About Me: Law Enforcement / Military

“Steel is the way to go for instant feedback for focus on sight picture and trigger manipulation. All in all, these are great targets, I am very happy with them, and I would recommend them to anyone.”

Very Well Built and Affordable  

By: Eddy | From: Decatur, AL | About Me: Gun Collector

“The thing is a hoss! I’d recommend it to anyone and it’s a nice addition to my private range without breaking the bank.”

Excellent Target  

By: SHOOTHUNT | From: Kentucky

“This is a excellent target. Very well designed and very well built.”

Versatile, Lightweight and Priced Right  

By: John H Zamrok | From: Morristown, NJ | About Me: Law Enforcement / Military

“This target stand meets my mobile style and needs. I use these stands to hang cardboard and paper targets as well as suspending steel plates for handgun, shotgun, rifle and sub gun training. They are lightweight, width adjustable, stable, stackable, and they're easy to move and setup. They provide a 3rd dimension to targets on the range. "Single-line" targets don't provide the street relevance needed for basic le firearms training. Multiple targets, hostage situational set ups, multi-distance targets, you're limited only by your imagination as an instructor. Set up twenty targets in minutes, anywhere you want, in any configuration you want. From the seriousness of law enforcement tactical firearms training to honing my grandson's archery and pellet gun skills, these target stands are priced right and have the backing of the challenge targets staff and owners. If you want to take your firearms training to the next level, check out challenge targets' full product line.”

Great Product / Great Value  

By: Bill | From: Gunnison, CO | About Me: Hunter

“This target system is well designed, easy to set up, safe, very durable and a great value. I use with my Glock 23 40 cal. S&W. Will buy this product again. No negatives with this target system.”

Training at the Next Level  

By: Det. Lou | From: Maryland | About Me: Law Enforcement / Military

“Training is the key to keeping officers safe. Having the ability to adjust the number of rounds needed to "stop the threat" is the best feature of this system. Real, effective training!”

Good Product  

By: Max | From: Todd, PA

“Easy to set up, holds steady in wind”

Great Target Stand  

By: Joe | From: Johnson City, TN

“Best designed target stand I have ever used. Adjustable width. Very stable, even in wind. Uses inexpensive wooden uprights.”

Meeting the “CHALLENGE”  

By: Bull Dog | From: Lexington, SC | About Me: Law Enforcement / Military

"I teach & train folks to carry concealed & press training! One of our training courses is geared towards the current CWP level. There’s a lot of gunning & running. This Challenge target (I have three) is used in a three stage barricade competitive shooting situation that presents different scenarios to a shooter. One of the nice things about these targets is they can be set up as static or drop down. The shooter gets immediate feedback…good or bad. Love these targets & hope to get a couple more soon!"

Impressive Quality and Design  

By: Scoutmaster Mike | From: Northern Utah | About Me: Occasional Shooter

"Reactive steel targets are a great way to get folks engaged in a fun, competitive shooting event. The steel provides immediate feedback and the dueling tree adds the element of real-time competitive stress. I am a Scoutmaster, a volunteer range master at my local range, and a certified NRA Instructor. I looked at several dueling tree products before settling on this model from Challenge Targets and I am so thrilled with the quality and design. No welds to crack or break, quality 3/8” AR500 steel, and a simple and reliable hinge design are the things that I think really stand out. It is a heavy set-up, but I can move it and set it up myself and it is what I expected from a “commercial-grade” product. I expect to get many, many years of shooting out of this tree. I couldn’t be happier with my choice."

Good Value Even Better Customer Service  

By: Silver | From: Reno | About Me: Gun Collector

"For the price it’s a great target stand. The unique leg design does seem to handle uneven terrain better than standard I type legs, however you need to make sure to adjust the tension on the bolts so all 4 legs hit the ground evenly. Despite this the crazy Nevada winds do tend to flip the stand over, so it’s best to make sure your target is as small as possible to minimize wind resistance – and bring some tent stakes. Speaking of those bolts, I had a few come loose and I lost 1, however the Customer Service at Challenge Targets is superb and they are sending me some extras free of charge. Top notch company, will definitely look at them more closely when I pony up for some serious steel targets."

Awesome Product  

By: H Williams | From: Buckeye, AZ | About Me: Occasional Shooter

"I use the target stand weekly. It is a well made and good looking piece. Easy to store and very easy to assemble out on the range. I would recommend buying more than one."

Awesome Targets  

By: Mark | From: Chamberlain, SD | About Me: Law Enforcement / Military

"I purchased four of these targets to use during a Paralyzed Veterans event. After shooting these targets at distance ranging from 10 yards with a handgun out to 300+ with .308 there is no damage to the targets at all. The stake system makes the target easy to set anywhere you need it and the spring mounting system reduces the chance of damage to the steel while allowing the target to ring audibly over great distances. Hits were audible even from a handgun at 150 yards (lucky shot). Great targets!"

Great Target  

By: justashooter | From: Illinois | About Me: Competitive Shooter

"I own several reactive targets, some I made myself some purchased. The paddle on Bullseye Challenge Target is the smoothest of them all. Never once did the paddle get stuck. I really like the combo of quick snap shooting on the “easy” side and the percussion shooting on the other. I was not sure I’d like the 2x4 base, but it was easy to set up and stayed in place. I can see were people who have to take their targets down after each shooting session would really like this setup."

Best of the Dueling Trees  

By: Pete | From: Cincinnati, OH | About Me: Occassional Shooter

"Seen this and many targets for sale at this years NRA convention. 2016. Without a doubt I liked this design best of all from an engineering perspective. In a nut shell this can be taken apart and pieces replaced and or packed up for transportation. All hardware included and of high quality. Price is fair as compared to others as well. Received on time as promised, great folks to deal with having spent a few minutes chatting with the folks from Challenge out of northern Kentucky."

Great Quality  

By: Kirk | From: Grand Rapids, MI

"I ordered 3 stands to use in my NRA classes. Challenge Targets has great customer service and communication. The stands are heavy duty and the construction exceeded my expectations. They should last a lifetime. I like the design and the ability to replace the upright supports. With newer shooters, they will no doubt be a hit. The ability to replace them easily is a great option. I may order a few more for larger classes."

Great Steel Target with Innovative Stand  

By: Pistol Pete | From: Danielsville, GA | About Me: Occassional Shooter

"I recently purchased this human silhouette stake target for pistols and had chance to shoot it yesterday. It is a really great steel target and I particularly like the innovative stake concept as I can easily move the target around my range for different shooting experiences. I was originally skeptical about the ¼” AR500 holding up with 9mm and .45 ACP caliber pistols but an informative and convincing steel target video by Challenge Targets put that concern to rest. (http://youtube/Lc64gdz67u0?t=8m55s) It is a great steel target that is lighter in weight and thus less expensive than 3/8” thick AR500 steel targets (less expensive to ship too) and rings loud when shot. I highly recommend this and the other stake targets made by Challenge Targets."

Good Quality  

By: Ranger02 | From: Shabbona, IL | About Me: Occassional Shooter

"Everything fit together good and was high quality material. The assembly directions could have been a little better, but all in all this was a good purchase."

Great Steel Target!  

By: Svadle | From: Dallas, TX | About Me: Gun Collector

"Great quality product and construction by Challenge Targets. The owner, Brad, is very helpful to answer questions on the phone. I immediately painted the target black when I received it before shooting. High quality construction and laser cut makes this a great target. I love how easy it is to move around with the 2x4. Easy to throw in the back of your truck/car and take with you to shoot since it breaks down into 3 pieces very easily. I shot this target the first weekend with 9mm suppressed and could only hear the ding of the steel."

Excellent Steel Target  

By: Kevlar | From: Aberdeen, SD

"I am using this target at the minimum distance for rifles (5.56) and it is great! The plate mounts easily on a 2x4. The nice feature is the stand and mount. The angle of the plate is adjusted at the base. This allows the 2x4 to be parallel to the target so a minimal amount of fragments hit it. And if you do shoot low and hit the 2x4 it takes many hits and if needed is cheap to replace. Also allows you to alter the height by the length of the 2x4. I have other steel targets but I just placed an order for 2 more Challenge targets and stands. Great product and excellent customer service. "

Great Product!  

By: Jeff at TRAC | From: Wisconsin | About Me: Competitive Shooter

"I just received this and a stand also made by the same company. The product is extremely well designed, much heavier duty than I thought it would be, and shipped with lightning speed. It won’t be the last product I order from them."

Great Steel Target  

By: Tony | From: Seattle, WA | About Me: Law Enforcement / Military

"Fantastic steel target. I’ve owed it for over a year now and have put over 4,000 rounds on it, combination handgun and rifle. At the end of the session I spray paint it and it’s good as new. Rings like a bell when hit too. Love it."

Talk About A “Challenge”? This is it!  

By: Bull Dog | From: Lexington, SC | About Me: Law Enforcement / Military

"I’m a SC certified CWP/CCP instructor (along with being a NRA certified pistol instructor & a retired LEO/state constable). As a strong believer in training, we offer an Advanced Handgun class that’s two days of training. I ordered this Challenge target (and others) to set up different challenge courses. The intent was to put the students under stress to add reality to a shooting situation. This little target sure did help! It was probably the hardest target for the students to hit which met one of our goals. It’s fun to shoot & works in every way as advertised! I highly recommend Challenge Targets as part of your shooting or training. "

Excellent Product  

By: FI Bill | From: San Antonio, TX

"I have had this product for more than a year now. It works well with no issues. I have used it with everything from pistol loads to rifle loads. Some of my rifle loads have been slightly hotter than the recommend 3100 fts at 100 yards, and it still only shows relatively minimal wear on the steel with no significant damage. I highly recommend this product."

Fantastic Product Holds Up Well  

By: jim | From: Hesperia, MI | About Me: Hunter

"Have shot 1000’s of rounds and having a blast."

Lacking Some Attention to Detail  

By: JP | From: Iowa | About Me: Law Enforcement / Military

"I ordered the hurricane stand to try out, the range I shoot on only has a few stationary target stands and only at 50 and 100 yards. I needed some additional targets to fill the distance gap. Upon first inspection the stands look well made and robust, just based upon my experience with similar stands I think they would easily hold up to errant hits from rifle or pistol while maintaining usefulness. I have one gripe and it is the only reason I have it three stars vs five. The threaded holes that are supposed to be used to attach the adjustable horizontal supports were apparently powder coated after threading, this meant that none of the provided threaded screws would go in the holes. This was an easy fix, I just went to the hardware store and got Grade 8 ¼” bolts, nuts, and lock washers and I drilled out the holes on the target stand to ¼” so there was no threading. This seemed much easier than returning the stand having to wait for another one, etc. Again, if it weren’t for this small flaw I would easily have given the stand five stars, but just be aware that you may have to go through the same thing if you order this."

Itz A No Go   

By: Sacmoose | From: Sacramento, CA

"I was shooting it with my AR 10 and my friend was shooting his 30-06 when this happens @ 200 yards. I really would not recommend this, I’m going to try to return it. None of our reloads where going faster than 2900 fps on the chronograph."

They Got it Right  

Follow-Up Review By: Sacmoose | From: Sacramento, CA

"Originally bought the 6” one but shot a hole in it and was pretty upset. It was the first outing too. So called Midway and they suggested I give the company a call, so I did and homeboy hooked it p. A stand up guy if you ask me. He stood by his product and sent me out a new one ASAP. I LOVE THIS TARGET. I put reflective tape on it so as too range it more accurately at 500yd."

Great Product  

By: TP old time shooter | From: Rockford, IL

"Easy setup, very stable and super strong. Top quality product, worth the cost."

Excellent Product  

By: Kevin | From: Vacaville, CA

"Very easy setup, lightweight, strong, does not move. Adjusts for width of targets."

It Works Great  

By: Jim | From: Great Falls, MT

"I have it adjusted so I can us the Champion Redfield sight-n targets. The 1x2 furring strips were less than $2 for 2 six foot sticks. I bought 4 spring clips with rubber tips and screwed them to the furring strips to hold the target. It’s perfect for the pistol range cause I can put it at any yardage I want. Now I’m also going to use it for an improvised rifle range. With the wide open spaces out here in Montana I’ll be able to pick my range and up-hill down-hill etc."

Very Good Target Stand  

By: Master Chief | From: El Paso, TX

"This product is easy to assemble and transport, easy to set up and more time to practice your bullseye. Planning to purchase more."

Great Target Stand!  

By: Diligentia Vis Celeritas | From: Oregon | About Me: Occassional Shooter

"--It’s lightweight for how sturdy it is. --The downward-angled legs make it much less wobbly on uneven ground than other target stands. --The thumb screws hold even under-sized furring strips steady. --I did swap-in wing nuts for the hex nuts that hold the legs to the base, which makes it even easier to setup and take-down. This is a great stand at a great price! "

Five Stars  

By: Stephen T Haer

"Easy to set up and light weight. Love it."

Three Stars  

By: xiang yang

"Hard to insert to the ground. The support moves, needs to adjust often."

Excellent Product that Performs as Advertised  


"Excellent product that performs as advertised. Sturdy targets that are great for steel practice at the outdoor range. Prompt service and very friendly to deal with. Highly recommend."

Great Target Stand  

By: rth

"I was not sure about this product at first but it is awesome. Very well made. I have bought the larger model too."

Portable But Strong  

By: Adam M Coe

"Fantastic stand. Toss it in the trunk with a couple 8’ 1”x2”s cut in half and you’re ready to shoot anytime."

Love It - Gonna Buy Another  

By: Dean W.

Five Stars  

By: Janet Katz

"It works as described."

Works Great! Exactly as it Claims  

By: Dave A

"Works great! Exactly as it claims. Also, this is the heavy base model, or commercial grade rather than the lighter occasional use model. You can see the difference on the Challenge Target website. Long story short, it’s the better one. haha"

A Very Fun, Sturdy, and Quality Steel Target  

By: Alex Loh

"Very high quality AR500 dueling tree! Top notch hardware included for assembly. Plates swing reliably and quickly when hit."

These Targets Are Awesome. It’s A Wonder Other Types of Targets Exist  

By: Meethose

"I have bought two of these and am here to buy a third to replace a rifle gong. These targets are awesome. It’s a wonder other types of targets exist. The parts that are exposed to your bullets are the target plate which can take the hits and the cheap wooden stake which costs next to nothing to replace. I had a gong. The frame gets all jacked up and the metal sticks out in all directions cutting you unless you are super careful. The chain gets hit and needs replacing on occasion. I always had to bring backup chains with me. I also had a frame with three spinner plates. It was very low to the ground and did not stand up hits well. On occasion, it would collapse. I would have to have everyone stop shooting, walk out to the thing, and set it back up. It was annoying."

Four Stars  

By: Curtis Farley

"Good targets. Sturdy, solid, easy to assemble."

The Steel is Great (3/8” Allows for Rifle)  

By: Curtis Farley

"The steel is great (3/8” allows for rifle). The picture shows it in red (not sure why they do that) but it comes unpainted. The stand is well made as-well (powder coated). I keep a few 2”x4” in the Jeep under the rear seat, which allows me to cart this around very easily. The wood posts are going to get shot up if you are pushing yourself (especially at distance). This can be a little bit of a drag since the exit holes create large splinters out the back. Just be mindful of where you’re putting your hands during transportation, and you should be fine. The weight savings and ease of tear down / set up are worth it. Plus, a new 2x4 is dirt cheap."

Five Stars  

By: David R. Brown

Great Little Stand  

By: James R. Morris

"I have two of these for IDPA targets. They are not large, but plenty heavy enough to do the job. Should you wish to shoot in the wind, the legs have notches for text stakes. I recommend this to others."

When You Don’t Want to Drag A Lot of Stuff to Gun Range  

By: L. Blasiman

"Ideal to use to set up targets at outdoor range and is easy to use and set-up."

Easy to Assemble  

By: Kayleen

"Easy to assemble. It works well. I have used it with 9mm at 25 yds and 270 rifle at 100 yds. It pops back up just as advertised. I would highly recommend it."

Worth the Money  

By: CS | From: NY

“I have purchased several items from opticsplanet. Every one has arrived on time and as described. This particular target is well made and has had several hundred rounds of .40, 10mm and .45 shot at it at varying distances. It arrives unpainted. Your only maintenance will be to keep up with the paint if you choose to and grease your pins for a quicker and easier target flip. I do not recommend to leave this target outside in the elements. This I am sure will eventually effect the steel. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys shooting. It definitely beats paper.”

Perfect Steel Target  

By: Astromancer | From: CT

“Bought this target a few weeks ago and finally got it to the range. It is very easy to set up, quite visible at 100 yds even without paint and it just WORKS! Sounds great when you hit it, has a very visible reaction and is completely undamaged by multiple .308 hits at 100 yds. Took it to the handgun range and my friends and I proceeded to shoot it continuously for the next 30 minutes. No problems at all – well, we did put 3 shots through the 2x4 holding the steel plate up  Remember to bring a spare 2x4 if you are not a good shot. 3 hits by a .45 were not a problem. Great buy!”

By: Legacy Reviewer

“I ordered the silhouette target because I shoot a variety of calibers and distances and it is great training and provides instant feedback. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to purchase a durable target to train with. First day out to the range with it, it was shot at at least 400 times with anything from a 9mm to .45 and XM193 556 NATO (do not use M855!). If the directions are followed, non of the prior mentioned ammo will make as much as a slight dent. The rounds mushroom and fall to the ground just under the target. I can already tell this target will hold up for years. As always Optics Planet shipped expeditiously and had the best prices around.”

Challenge Target Stake-N-Shoot  

By: Max Pardee | From: CA

“Another great steel target to add to your collection, I have a total of three steel target’s set @ various distances. Recommend the 8” Target, drive it in on a slight angle, will deflect bullets down, when your sighted it in on paper, steel Targets are the way to go. I have hammered these 3/8’s AR500 targets with 223/5.56,308/7.62, and they hold up so far.”

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