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Product Questions

You can find answers to many of the commonly asked product related questions below.  If you would rather speak to someone, please call us any time. We enjoy talking to our customers and answering your questions!


Extreme Reactive Targets

Q. What is the difference between the Standard, Heavy, and Magnum models?
A. The chart shown below shows the attributes of each system. Please contact us if you need help deciding which system is right for you.


Q. If I purchase the Standard system, can I upgrade to the Heavy or Magnum version later?
A. Yes, we will offer upgrade kits in our accessory section. If you don’t see the kit listed, contact us and we’ll help you select the right kit to meet your needs.


Q. The reactive targets that come with a full metal target plate don’t seem much more expensive than the ones that use a 2x4. Is there any advantage to the systems that use a 2x4?
A. Yes. Some people prefer the wood post because it requires a direct hit on the circular target area to get any visual or audible feedback. Systems that have a full metal target plate will give some reduced feedback if a shot hits the stem of the target.


Q. How long does the wood post typically last? Do bullet fragments damage the wood?
A. The system is designed so bullet fragments and splatter do damage the wood surface. Only direct hits on the post will damage the 2x4. Depending on the bullet pattern, the wood post will take about 50 hits before breaking. An average shooter will typically fire 250-500 rounds before needing to replace the 2x4 section.


Q. I’m thinking about getting one of the Extreme Reactive Targets that uses a 2x4. Can I make the 2x4 as tall as I want?
A. No. The counterbalance system uses weight and leverage to reset the target. Each system was photographed with the recommended 2x4 height for that model (between 20” and 25”). One option to raise the height is to place the system on a wood platform or dirt berm to elevate it relative to the shooter.


Q. On some of the Rifle Head Assemblies, you state the plates are capable for .308 Winchester but when you show the same head used on the Extreme Reactive Target, you say it can only be shot with a 5.56mm. Can you explain this?
A. Our standard and heavy systems are limited to 5.56mm because of the mechanical braces used inside the target system. The rifle grade head assemblies would handle .308 Winchester but the structural braces inside the rocker mechanism would bend from the stress of the higher energy round. The magnum systems use high strength braces to handle the load of the heaver .308 rounds.


Q. It looks like most of the components are the same for the Extreme Hostage and Extreme Reactive Target. Do you sell a combination target that can be changed over and used for either function?
A. We don’t plan on offering this unless it becomes a common request by our customers. The MSRP for a system that would combine the functions of the CT100-S-06 Extreme Reactive Target and the CT101 Extreme Hostage Target would be $579. It would take about 5-8 minutes to change over from one system to the other. Contact us if you are interested in this option.


Q. We are considering adding 10 of your extreme reactive targets to our range to upgrade our firearms training program. The systems will be used by both our patrol officers and our SWAT team and we would like to be able to switch back and forth between reactive steel and stationary paper targets. We would like to get references from other LE customers who are using your products. Who should we contact to discuss these things?
A. Our President, Brad Brune, handles our LE accounts and would be happy to help you. Contact him by phone at 859-462-5851 or email at


Hostage Targets

Q. How much wind is needed to make the hostage system work?
A. You can adjust the sail size based on the desired movement and wind conditions but wind speeds/gusts between 10-25 mph work best. Some of the sniper teams that train with our system prefer wind gusts of 5-10 mph because it requires some patience to wait for a clear shot. The system will work with wind gusts up to about 40 mph but you may have to go downrange periodically to reset the rocker mechanism within the guide track.


Q. What do you do if there is no wind?
A.  We highly recommend adding the Pulley Stand accessory to go with our Extreme Hostage Target system. The pulley system lets you control the movement with a rope from up to 100 feet away. This is great for indoor training or range days with no wind.


Q. Do I need to purchase your cardboard targets to go with your Hostage Target Systems or can I use my own?
A. You can use your own targets. Larger cardboard targets may need to be trimmed to a smaller dimension to reduce the weight but many standard cardboard targets work great with no modification. There are recommended cardboard targets shown at the bottom of the Hostage Target product pages. You can also review our product manual for more information on this subject.


Pivot Stands

Q. It seems like the bullet fragments would eat away at the 2x4. Is this a problem?
A. No. The system is design to deflect the fragments safely to the ground without deteriorating the 2x4.


Q. What is the difference between the Heavy Duty models and the Standard Duty models?
A. The only difference is the size of the legs that support the pivot mechanism. The pivot mechanism is the same for both systems. We recommend the Heavy Duty models for LE, private ranges, and competition use. The Standard Duty stands are a great choice for recreational shooters who want a light weight, low cost alternative. Both models are very durable but the HD version will take a lot of abuse.

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