Who is this product for?

Our product is for any shooter, or firearms training entity, looking to increase the efficiency and realism of their training. Whether a valued member of our armed forces, law enforcement, a recreational shooter, or a shooting range looking for an affordable way to draw more customers, our system offers a variety of options aimed at improving shooter marksmanship skills at any experience level. What are the minimum components required for a system to operate? One (1) Control Hub and one (1) Smart Target Attachment. You’ll also need an Android device (phone or tablet) to run the free software application.

What are the minimum components required for a system to operate?

One (1) Control Hub and one (1) Smart Target Attachment. You’ll also need an Android device (phone or tablet) to run the free software application.

What is the range of the system?

Each device will relay signals to other devices. Each Smart Target Attachment can relay signals up to 175 yards each while Signal Booster can relay signals up to 500 yards each. You can stack various combinations of devices together to reach distances over 1,000 yards.

Is an internet connection, satellite connection or cell phone service required for the system to work?

No. Your phone or tablet uses a wireless Bluetooth signal to connect to the Control Hub. From there, the Control Hub communicates with the Smart Target Attachments using an RF signal. Internet and cell phone service are NOT needed.

What happens if someone accidently shoots the orange Flag Indicator?

Typically, errant shots will pass through the Flag leaving a hole slightly larger than the bullet. You might see some cracking and chipping but the Flag Indicators can take multiple hits before needing to be replaced.

What type of batteries does the system use?

All components have built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

What is the battery life?

All components have built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. A system can last up to 8 hours on a single charge.

How long does it take to charge the batteries using the multi-port charger

This depends on how many devices are being charged. For example, if charging a total of four devices from 0% to 100%, we would estimate the charge time to be approximately 6 hours.

Are the components weather proof?

Yes. All components are weather and dust proof.

How many Smart Target Attachments can I pair to a Control Hub?

A system can have any combination of Smart Target Attachments and Signal Boosters paired to a Control Hub as long as the total number of devices does not exceed 10.

How many Trigger Interactive systems/Control Hubs can be on a range at one time?

So far, we have been able to simultaneously run a total of 5 systems, with 10 devices each, and more systems should be able to operate beyond that.

How is the system controlled?

A system is controlled by the Trigger Interactive app which is free to download to your Android device. We currently do not have an IOS app at this time, but we have it planned for future development.

What software versions are compatible with the Trigger Interactive app?

Your device must have Android Version 9 (or higher) and Bluetooth 5 (or higher) to work with this app. A good rule of thumb is anything manufactured before 2018 is probably not compatible. You can verify your device’s software version by selecting “settings – about this device – Android or software version”.

What calibers can I use?

Any caliber can be used if it meets the specifications of the steel target and falls within these energy limitations: Minimum energy at the target = 70 ft./lbs. (example: 22lr at 100 yards) Maximum energy at the target = 2,400 ft./lbs. (example: 7.62mm x 51mm @ 100 yards)

Are bullet impacts hard on Smart Target Attachments?

No. A steel target will dissipate the majority of a bullet’s energy when it fragments apart upon impact. The hook and loop mounting pads further cushion the Smart Target Attachment from any harsh vibration fatigue.

How long will a Smart Target Attachment last?

Our testing has shown that Smart Target Attachments can last 30,000+ bullet impacts (varies with caliber) and up to 300,000 activations. Proper care and the addition of more Smart Target Attachments into your system (to help to spread out the use) can further the life expectancy of your devices.

What type of targets can I use?

The steel target must be large enough so the Smart Target Attachment (STA) is fully protected behind the steel plate. There needs to be enough room on the back of the target so the flag is fully concealed and can rotate 180 degrees into view without hitting any brackets and hardware. A list of compatible steel targets can be found HERE.

What is the minimum distance needed between targets?

There is no minimum distance relating to signal interference, however, it is CRITICAL the targets are positioned so the bullet fragments coming off the face of target (A) don’t hit the back side of target (B) and damage the Smart Target Attachment. Make sure you stagger your targets, space them and angle them accordingly to prevent damage from bullet fragments. We also offer a Shrapnel Guard Accessory that can be added as a precautionary measure.

How do I replace an Active Target Indicator?

To remove the Flag Indicator, grab it by the outer edges and squeeze so that it “bows” upward slightly. This “bow” will cause the slots in the to align with the fingers of the Smart Target Attachment mount. Once aligned, simply pull the Active Target Indicator off the mount. To add a new one, slip one slot on the Active Target Indicator over one finger on the mount, and press down near the second slot. It should snap into place. No tools required.

Can I get different colored Active Target Indicators?

We currently only offer the Flag in bright orange but we plan to add additional colors in the future.

What is your warranty policy?

The electronic devices are made in the USA and designed using the highest quality, military grade components. They are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects for (90) days after shipment. You can review our complete warranty policy HERE.

Are the system user manuals available online?

Yes. You can view and download our user manuals by clicking the links below.