AR500 Torso "TDI" Rifle Target

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    AR500 Torso "TDI" Rifle Target

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    Ships from Ohio on 12/18/2019


    • 12" x 18" TDI Torso x 3/8" thick AR500 steel target rated for all rifles and handguns under 3,000 fps at the target
    • Our targets are laser cut which reduces heat and maintains the 500 Brinell hardness rating
    • Target plates are reversible to extend their usable life 
    • Each metal target includes two square mounting holes designed for 1/2"-13 square neck carriage bolts
    • 12" x 18" torso shape designed with input from Tactical Defense Institute (TDI West Union Ohio)


    If you haven't had the opportunity to shoot steel targets, you don't know what your missing.  The audible and visual feedback is much more satisfying than poking holes in stationary paper targets. Our plates are designed for use with all standard FMJ ammunition and will withstand thousands of rounds from most handguns.


    Target Plate Dimensions:  12" x 18" TDI Torso (head measuers 6" x 6")

    Material:3/8" thick AR500 Plate

    Hardware: NOT INCLUDED (designed for 1/2"-13 square neck carriage bolts)

    Weight: 19.5 lbs


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