Commercial Grade Rifle Dueling Tree

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    Commercial Grade Rifle Dueling Tree

    Code: CT-DUEL-TREE-R
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    Shipping Weight: 74.00 pounds
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    • Ultra durable PATENTED design has no welds
    • Rated for centerfire rifles & handguns (velocity under 3,000 fps at target) (energy under 2,300 ft/lbs at target)
    • Hanguns - minimum distance = 10 yards | Rifles - minimum distance = 100 yards
    • Includes (4) 8" diameter paddles made from 3/8" thick AR500 
    • Commercial grade design suitable for high volume use
    • Base of target has a 35" diagonal footprint that is elevated in the center to provide excellent stability
    • Upright post, brackets and hinge components are constructed of AR500 steel
    • Target is designed to safely deflect bullet fragments into the ground (adjustable forward angle: 5-20 degrees)
    • All AR500 steel components ship unpainted
    • Licensed under US Patent #6,994,348


    We believe we have designed the ultimate rifle rated Dueling Tree.  It functions with both handguns (9mm on up) and large caliber rifles.  Two shooters line up side by side.  Each person starts with two paddles on their side of the dueling tree.  On command, they begin shooting the paddles on their respective sides.  Each good shot flips a paddle to the opponent's side of the target.  The first shooter to clear their side and flip all paddles to the opponent's side wins the match.  These exhilarating head to head matches are valuable exercises for law enforcement training.  The fast paced, competitive nature of the event, increases student's heart rates and teaches them to shoot well under stress.    


    Tree Height: 52" tall
    Paddles: 8" diameter x 3/8" thick AR500 steel (paddles ship unpainted)
    Vertical Stem: 3/8" thick AR500 steel x 52" tall - (ships unpainted)
    Legs: 1/4" thick steel with black powder coat finish
    Weight: 74 lbs

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