8" Auto Reset Target (Rated up to 7.62x39)

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    8" Auto Reset Target (Rated up to 7.62x39)

    Code: CT100-H-02
    Price: $550.00
    Shipping Weight: 75.00 pounds
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    Ships from Ohio By 5/20/2024
      Add 3/8" AR500 Front Guard (+$245)


    • US PATENT NO. 8,534,673 
    • Target is pictured with optional Front Armor Guard. 
    • Rocker and base will require alternate ballistic protection if the Front Armor Guard is not utilized.
    • Rated for handguns & rifles with a maximum velocity of 3,000 fps and 1,300 ft/lbs. of energy at the target.
    • Tested extensively with the following calibers: 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, 5.56mm, 7.62x39.  
    • This model is not recommended for use with 7.62x51 unless the distance is over 300 yards.
    • Modular system sets-up and breaks-down in seconds with no tools for quick and easy deployment.
    • 8" diameter x 20" tall 3/8" thick AR500 target plate installs with no tools and is reversible for extended life.
    • Reactive steel target falls completely back and resets itself after a 2-4 second delay.
    • No battery or pneumatic power is required. Target resets using a patented counterbalance technology.
    • All-weather, waterproof design is capable of year-round outdoor use.
    • Adjustable leveling feet allow target to be used on uneven terrain. 


    For years, the shooting community has been searching for a low maintenance, falling target system that automatically resets and provides indisputable hit detection with a satisfying shot response and satisfactory reset time. Some manufacturers have attempted to meet these objectives by utilizing an electric motor to lift the plate. Other manufacturers try to accomplish the task by utilizing pneumatic power to reset the target. These systems require motors, gears, batteries, wiring harnesses, air lines, compressors, air tanks, etc. to reset the target. They are expensive to manufacture and require ongoing daily maintenance to keep them in service. Many cheaper systems utilize springs to reset the target plate. Shooters often complain that spring reset targets do not produce a satisfactory reaction and it is often difficult to identify successful hits. Smaller calibers will barely move the target while more powerful calibers drop the target so fast it resets itself before the shooter can recover from the recoil and get their scope back on the target to confirm the hit.

    Our Extreme Reactive Targets meet all of the design objectives by utilizing a patented, maintenance free counterweight technology. Our design requires no power source, has no limitations regarding the number of resets and provides a satisfying, unmistakable response when shot. 



    Target plate: 8" diameter x 20” x 3/8" thick AR500 steel plate – unpainted
    System Dimensions: 15” wide x 19” deep x 31” tall. Weight: 69 lbs.
    Base and Rocker Assembly: 12 gage & 7 gage steel with black powder coat finish
    Hardware: stainless steel and zinc plated steel

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