Texas Star Counterweight Starter

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    Texas Star Counterweight Starter

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    • This accessory is compatible with all Challenge Targets Texas Stars and Revolving Plate Racks.
    • Insert counterweight and prop the weighted side of the target to prevent it from rotating
    • When prop is removed, the counterweight spins the target, then falls freely to the ground
    • In competition, this accessory provides each shooter with the same target presentation
    • The Starter accessory increases difficulty by generating movement prior to engaging the first plate
    • Weight = 5 lbs.


    Thought you mastered our Texas Star?  Think again!  This accessory is sure to be a popular addition for USPSA and 3Gun matches.  The Counterweight Starter allows range staff to quickly reset the Star in a consistent orientation so each shooter has the same target presentation.  In competition, we recommend activating the Star by rigging the prop to a pull cord attached to a falling target then when the shooter is ready to engage the Star it's already spinning! 

    The counterweight assembly fits precisely into any of the (5) keyway slots in the hub of our Texas Star.  The dimensions and weight of the assembly are designed so the counterweight drops freely to the ground without contacting the plates as it falls.


    Counterweight: black powder coat finish
    Brackets: bare steel - no coating
    Weight: 5 lbs.

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