Color Assortment Target Paint - 6 Pack

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    Color Assortment Target Paint - 6 Pack

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    • Designed specifically for painting steel targets in outdoor applications
    • Package includes (6) cans of paint: (1) White, (1) Black, (1) Orange, (1) Green, (1) Blue, (1) Red
    • Extra large 16 oz. cans
    • Requires less paint and covers twice as fast as other high quality brands
    • Fast drying, flat matte finish reduces glare
    • Protects targets from rusting
    • Watch video demonstration below


    Our Steel Target Paint covers surfaces quickly and drys fast! The high resin/solid content provides maximum coverage in breezy, outdoor conditions. The special formula, combined with the high flow nozzle reduces paint usage and covers twice as fast as most other high quality paints. 

    In additional to providing corrosion protection, painting your target with your preferred color combination can improve your sight picture and accuracy.  Painting plates different colors can also provide valuable training.  By having someone call out colors, shooters can implement cognitive function drills that require target identification and aquisition skills.


    Can Size: 16 oz. per can (compare to 12 oz. cans found in hardware stores)
    Color: (1) White, (1) Black, (1) Orange, (1) Green, (1) Blue, (1) Red

    Note: Due to the high resin/solids content, it is important to invert the can after spraying and give it two or three quick shots to clear the valve button to keep from clogging.

    Watch the Video 


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