Rimfire Bullseye Target - Head Assembly

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    Rimfire Bullseye Target - Head Assembly

    Price: $134.99
    Shipping Weight: 16.00 pounds
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    Ships from Ohio By 4/18/2024


    • This listing is for the steel target Head Assembly only
    • Recommended for use with our Static Stand or Ground Stake base
    • Head Assembly is designed to slip onto a standard wood 2x4 post
    • Customer supplied 2x4 must be supported at a downward angle (leaning forward toward the shooter)


    • 1/4" thick AR500 steel paddle, front plate and bullseye plate
    • Rated for all .22 LR handguns and rifles
    • Minimum distance: Pistols = 10 yards  |  Rifles = 20 yards
    • Paddle measures 4" diameter  |  Bullseye hole measures .90" diameter
    • Removable bullseye plate lets the shooter decide the level of difficulty
    • Paddle assembly clamps on top of a standard 2x4 wood post (no tools required for set-up)
    • Clamp springs and pivot mechanism are fully protected behind hardened front plate
    • Height is adjustable and determined by the length of the wood 2x4 post (not included)
    • Safely deflects bullet fragments into the ground
    • Easy to set-up and transport - WEIGHS ONLY 16 LBS.


    Think you're a good shot?  Our Bullseye Rimfire Target will test your shooting skills.  Only shots within the .90" diameter hole will flip the paddle.  After scoring a bullseye hit, just shoot the 4" paddle to reset the target.  The removable Bullseye Plate matches the 10 ring and 5 ring on an Official NRA Bullseye B-2 Target (NRA Pistol Rules).  Remove the Bullseye Plate to reduce the difficulty and speed up the pace.  With the Bullseye Plate removed, the 4" paddle is presented on both sides of the target.  

    Developed with input from trick shot artist and YouTube personality 22Plinkster


    Paddle: 4" diameter x 1/4" thick AR500 steel - ships unpainted
    Front Plate: 5.9"x11" x 1/4" thick AR500 steel - ships unpainted
    Bullseye Plate Size:  .90" inside diameter (NRA 10 ring) |  5.57" outside diameter (NRA 5 ring)
    Bullseye Plate Material: 1/4" thick AR500 steel - ships unpainted
    Product Weight: 16 lbs.
    Base: Target base is not included with this listing

    Watch the Video (ground stake is not included with this listing)


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