Quick Draw Pistol Target - Head Assembly

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    Quick Draw Pistol Target - Head Assembly

    Code: QD-80043-H
    Price: $299.99
    Shipping Weight: 41.00 pounds
    Quantity in Basket: 0
    Ships from Ohio By 4/18/2024
      Buy Additional 4" Round Rimfire Plate Set (+$54)


    • This listing is for the steel target Head Assembly only
    • Recommended for use with our Static Stand base
    • Head Assembly is designed to slip onto a standard wood 2x4 post
    • Customer supplied 2x4 must be supported at a downward angle (leaning forward toward the shooter)


    • Rated for all non-magnum handguns
    • Two shooters - (compete head to head) or Single shooter - (reactive target practice)
    • Paddle Assembly is clamped on top of a standard 2x4 wood post (not included)
    • Pivot mechanism is fully protected behind AR500 front plate
    • AR500 steel paddles measure 6" diameter
    • Minimum distance = 10 yards
    • Safely deflects bullet fragments into the ground
    • Paddles and front plate ship unpainted


    Two Shooters

    Left and right paddles are painted different colors.  Two Shooters engage the target simultaneously on command.  Shooter one engages the left paddle (red).  Shooter two engages the right paddle (yellow).  When hit, the paddles rotate and overlap in the center.  The winner's color is displayed in the window.  The target is reset by pulling a rope (not included). 

    One Shooter

    Left and right paddles can be engaged individually by one shooter.  For training, paddles can be painted different colors.  The shooter needs to identify and engage the correct color on command.  Each paddle can be shot left to right or right to left without using the reset rope.  If both paddles end up in the center window, a rope (not included) can be used to reset the paddles to the outer position.


    Paddles: 6" diameter x 3/8" thick AR500 steel - ships unpainted
    Front Plate: 15" tall x 21" wide x 1/4"  thick AR500 steel - ships unpainted
    Product Weight: 41 lbs.
    Base: Target base is not included with this listing

    Watch Video (target base is not included with this listing)


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