Commercial Grade Plate Rack Target

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    Commercial Grade Plate Rack Target

    Price: $1,895.00
    Shipping Weight: 370.00 pounds
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    Ships from Ohio By 6/17/2024


    • Ultra durable PATENTED design with reversible target plates
    • Rated for handguns (minimum distance 10 yards)
    • Rated for rifles (minimum distance 100 yards)
    • Maximum (at the target) velocity = 3,000 fps.
    • Maximum (at the target) energy = 1,300 ft. / lbs.
    • Includes (6) 3/8" thick x 8" diameter AR500 steel plates
    • Sturdy 5/16" steel angle iron legs
    • Maintenance free, easy to pull reset mechanism
    • Ambidextrous reset arm can be set-up on right or left side of unit
    • Plates can be rotated 45 or 90 degrees (manual reset)
    • Commercial grade design suitable for high volume use
    • Plates are spaced 14" on centers
    • 8" plates ship unpainted


    We built this Plate Rack from the ground up to handle heavy workloads in the extreme conditions required by professional shooters, commercial ranges and competition matches. We believe we've designed the most versatile, lowest maintenance, and most reliable Plate Rack Target on the market!

    Shooting Plate Racks is one of the best ways to improve fundamentals like drawing from a holster, sight alignment, trigger control and target transitions.  Time yourself and measure your progress.  World class shooters will routinely clear the plates in under 3 seconds when drawing from their holsters.  

    Want to mix things up?  Rotate the paddles 90 degrees, move to the right end of the Plate Rack and engage the targets in a straight line!  Dropping the first plate reveals the second; dropping the second target exposes the third, etc.  

    Ready for another challenge?  Shooting from the right end, rotate the first two plates closest to the right end so they are facing the right side, turn the next two plates at 45 degrees and the last two plates facing the front of the Plate Rack.  Starting at the right end, engage the targets as you walk around toward the front of the Plate Rack!


    Height from ground to bottom of plates: 42"
    Plates: 8" diameter x 3/8" thick AR500 steel (plates ship unpainted)
    Front Guard: 3/8" thick AR500 steel (black liquid paint finish)
    Side Guard: 3/8" thick AR500 steel (black liquid paint finish)
    Legs: 5/16" thick A36 steel angle iron (powder coat finish)
    Feet: 1/4" thick A36 steel channel (black powder coat finish)
    Weight: 325 lbs.

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