Extreme Hostage Target

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    Extreme Hostage Target

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    • US PATENT NO. 8,534,673
    • This system creates random, lifelike movement of a threat target behind a stationary hostage target.
    • Compatible with all handguns and rifles.
    • No battery or pneumatic power is required.
    • Movement is created using wind and our patent pending counterbalance technology.
    • Target movement can also be manually controlled by rope. 
    • Portable, 50lb. system, transports in two sections and sets up in minutes without tools.
    • System includes everything shown except cardboard targets and wood articles.
    • Accepts standard IDPA and IPSC cardboard targets.
    • Purchase our silhouette cut tactical targets for ultimate realism (see Related Items bottom of page).
    • Most Law Enforcement targets are compatible but may require trimming to reduce weight. 
    • All-weather design with powder coat finish and stainless steel tracks.  Capable of year-round outdoor use.
    • Adjustable leveling feet allow target to be used on uneven terrain and hillsides (up to 15 degree slopes).
    • Quick release hand knobs allow targets to be changed quickly.
    • Invaluable training tool for SWAT entry, hostage rescue, and sniper teams.


    Use the Extreme Hostage Target to generate incredible, lifelike movement of your cardboard targets. Excellent for all types of hostage simulation and decision making drills.  Simply staple a strip of cardboard (the sail) to the back of the moving target and let our patent pending counterbalance technology do the rest. When light or moderate winds catch the "sail", the target will move randomly in both directions.  A second system can be added to generate random movement of both the hostage and the threat target.  Add rope (not included) to manually control the target movement. For tactical training, the rope can be used to generate unpredictable left and right movement of the target.  For competitions, the rope can be used to create consistent exposure in one direction so each shooter has an equal opportunity to engage the target. The exposure duration can be adjusted from approximately 2-5 seconds. In this application, the system automatically resets itself to the concealed position after each presentation.


    System Dimensions: 15” wide x 19” deep x 6'” tall (with cardboard targets installed)
    Weight: 51 lbs.
    Base and Rocker Assembly: 12 gage & 7 gage steel with black powder coat finish
    Hardware: stainless steel and zinc plated steel

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