Supernova Star w/ 8" Plates

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    Supernova Star w/ 8" Plates

    Code: CT2-SUPERNOVA-R8
    Price: $1,395.00
    Shipping Weight: 212.00 pounds
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    Ships from Ohio By 6/17/2024
      Add Optional Spindle Lock Kit (+$60)
      Buy Additional 6" Round Rimfire Plate Set (+$135)
      Substitute 6" Round Plates (-$90)
      Substitute 6" Square Plates (-$36)


    • PATENTED design by Challenge Targets
    • Rated for handgun calibers & shotguns (birdshot & buckshot)
    • Minimum shooting distance (handguns = 10 yards / shotguns = 15 yards)
    • Includes (9) 8" diameter x 3/8" thick AR500 plates
    • Spring retention system makes resetting the target quick and easy
    • Robust design intended for high volume commercial use
    • Heavy gauge cover protects pillow bearings from falling plates
    • Maintenance free, all weather design intended for year-round outdoor use
    • Fabricated parts are powder coated & stenciled as pictured
    • AR500 components ship unpainted (plates, arms and hubs)


    If you've shot any of our gravity moving targets, you know how much fun they can be. These designs were primarily used in competition but are now frequently utilized by instructors for firearms training and they are often the centerpiece of our customer's private shooting ranges.

    Rest assured, the new SUPERNOVA STAR will elevate your skills to the next level.  With four independently rotating axes, it's impossible to predict the path of these targets.  The 8" plates are held in place with the same spring retention system used on our other top selling Texas Star targets. When shot, the plates are released from the retention pocket and fall to the ground.  The change in weight distribution causes the crossbar and plates to rotate. The precision machined shaft and pillow bearings maximize the speed and change of direction with each successful shot on the plates. 

    By adding the optional Spindle Lock Kit, you'll be able to independently lock each of the four spindles. This is a must-have feature for newer shooters who might otherwise be intimidated by this target. This option is also great for match directors who are looking to create new and interesting stage designs!

    After initial assembly, the Supernova is transported in five sections with the heaviest component weighing only 49 lbs. The target can be set-up by one person in about 5 minutes  and requires only four bolts to complete the assembly in the field. Resetting the target is quick and simple.  Just lift the spring and insert the stem of the plate into the pocket.  One person can reset all 9 plates plates in about 90 seconds. 


    Overall Height: 6' 8" tall (maximum height from the ground to the top edge of the upper plate)
    Target Plates (9): 8" diameter x 3/8" thick AR500 steel (ship unpainted)
    Horizontal Crossbar (3): 3/8" thick AR500 steel (ships unpainted)
    Hubs (3): 1/4" thick AR500 steel (ships unpainted)
    Structural Vertical Post (1): 5/16" thick A36 angle iron with black powder coat finish
    Other Components: Fabricated brackets, covers, etc. are provided with a black powder coat finish

    Total Product Weight: 211 lbs (Transports in 5 sections)
      1) Stand, Post and Bearing Housing = 49 lbs.
      2) Center Hub and Crossbars = 49 lbs.
      3) Outer Hubs (3 Total) = 20 lbs. (each)
      4) Target Plates = 53 lbs. 

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