IPSC 66% Rifle Target - Static Stand

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    IPSC 66% Rifle Target - Static Stand

    Code: SS-RM-80063-R
    Price: $199.99
    Shipping Weight: 41.00 pounds
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    Ships from Ohio on 10/21/2019


    • Rated for most handguns and rifles with velocities up to 3,000 fps at the target
    • Built to withstand all standard FMJ ammunition (no armor piercing or steel core ammo)
    • Minimum distance: Handguns = 10 yards  |  Rifles = 100 yards
    • Laser cut 3/8" thick AR500 steel target assembly fits over standard wood 2x4 post (not included)
    • Heavy duty Static Stand constructed of 1/4" steel with durable black powder coat finish
    • Static Stand has a 35" diagonal footprint that is elevated in the center to provide excellent stability
    • Post mount is adjustable so the target can be leveled on uneven terrain
    • Target plate and wood post are mounted parallel so bullet fragments do not damage wood post
    • Industrial grade compression springs produce maximum reverberation and visual feedback
    • Plate shape matches full size IPSC Metric target scaled down to 66% of the official size
    • Overall plate dimensions are 11.81" wide x 19.39" tall
    • Target is designed to safely deflect bullet fragments into the ground (adjustable forward angle: 5-20 degrees)
    • Light weight and portable (weighs only 40 lbs!)


    Our IPSC A-C zone steel target is safe, durable, and easy to use.  The plate size matches an IPSC or USPSA cardboard target scaled down to 66% of the official size.  Each successful hit produces a loud ring and visual reaction.  Ideal for handgun, rifle and shotgun training and competition.

    The base of the target incorporates an innovative four point stance which elevates the center of the target, dispersing the weight to the outer four corners for excellent stability.  The stand legs include anchor holes for staking if extra stability is needed (stakes not included). 


    Target Plate: 11.81" x 19.69 x 3/8" thick AR500 steel - unpainted
    Stand Construction: 1/4" thick steel with black powder coat finish
    Stand Dimensions: 27" long x 22" wide  (35" diagonal)
    Product Weight: 40 lbs.

    Watch the Video - (shown with different plate in alternate configuration)


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