Make any Cardboard Target a Reactive Target

Challenge Targets is proud to introduce our new line of multifunctional targets.


Each system includes a steel target that can be placed behind the scoring zone of any cardboard target. When the shooter hits the appropriate scoring zone, they receive instant audio and visual feedback.  The base of the system includes a pivot mechanism and lock pin which allows rotational movement of the target.  With the lock pin installed, the target bounces back when shot then resets to the forward leaning position.  With the lock pin removed, the target falls completely down when shot. Only shots within the scoring zone produce feedback.

New Shooting Targets

This powerful new system supports steel, paper and cardboard targets.  It is a lightweight and portable design that disassembles in seconds without tools for easy transportation and storage. The base of the system is offered in two versions.  Standard duty (SD) models are designed for recreational use, while heavy duty (HD) models are better suited for commercial ranges, law enforcement, and professional instructors.

Top Shot  season 4 winner, Chris Cheng using our “A” zone target for IPSC training.

Chris Cheng - IPSC Training


  • The forward lean of the target can be adjusted so multiple hits are required to drop the target
  • By placing a cardboard target off center, you can also simulate hostage situations
  • Teaches shooters to keep their sites on target for follow up shots
  • The steel target is supported by a standard wood 2×4
  • Shooters can train for center mass shots or head shots by adjusting the length of the wood post
  • The instant feedback provided by steel targets is proven to increase speed and accuracy

Target Down


With lock pin installed, target bounces back then resets.

With lock pin removed, cardboard and steel target fall completely down (manual reset).Steel Target Head Assembly




 Each system includes an AR500 target (available in different sizes and shapes).



Models available for IPSC, USPSA, and IDPA training and competition

IPSC Zone “A” Target
IPSAC Zone "A" Target
IPSC Zones “A, B, C” Target
IPSC Steel Target Zones "A, B, C"