Double Pop-Up Clamshell Target System

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    Double Pop-Up Clamshell Target System

    Code: CT-DBL-POP-UP
    Price: $350.00
    Shipping Weight: 40.00 pounds
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    • A threat target rises, then after a short delay, it's concealed by a no-shoot target
    • The delay time between the shoot & no-shoot targets is adjustable (4 settings)
    • Target system can be manually reset with your feet without bending over
    • Spacing between wood furring strips is adjustable for 18"-24" wide targets
    • Gas struts provide consistent lift times for each shooter regardless of wind conditions
    • Steel base is elevated in the center so it's stable on uneven ground
    • The frame includes 3/8" thick steel crossbars on each end for staking
    • Spring loaded tubes and thumb screws secure the 1x2 wood furring strips 
    • Durable black paint / powder coat finish
    • Weight = 36 lbs.
    • Cardboard and paper targets are not included
    • Wood furring strips are not included


    Our Clamshell Target is the ultimate mechanical pop-up target system.

    The steel base supports two cardboard or paper targets which start off parallel to the ground and out of the shooter's line of sight.  When the activator cable is pulled, a threat target pops-up into view. The shooter will have a short amount of time to engage the threat before a no-shoot (friendly) target, begins rising and eventually obstructs their view of the threat.  

    This target is a popular choice for USPSA, 3-Gun, and IDPA matches.  In competition, you'll often hear people refer to this as a Clam Shell, Snapper, Max Trap or Bear Trap target. It's also a great tool for law enforcement and personal defense training.

    Other systems use springs to lift their targets. This makes the presentation speed dependent on the weight of the targets and wind conditions.  Our design utilizes gas struts which provide smooth and consistent presentation times for each shooter regardless of wind and other variables. 

    Our design has many unique features not found on other systems.  For example, the delay time between our shoot and no-shoot targets is adjustable with four settings that allow you to delay activation of the second target by up to 50%. Also, unlike other designs that require you to bend down to reset the latch mechanism, our equipment can be reset with your foot, eliminating the need to bend over which maximizes the efficiency of your match. The spacing between our wood furring strips is adjustable allowing you to utilize targets between 18"-24" wide.  Our activation mechanism includes a custom machined carriage bolt and wing nut making it extremely easy to adjust the tension of your cable.  The base of the target includes 3/8" thick steel crossbars with stake holes at each end for maximum reliability and strength.     


    Base Dimensions (fully assembled): 45" long x 19-25" wide (adjustable) x 9" high
    Construction: A36 steel with 3/8" thick structural crossbars for staking
    Finish: black powder coat 
    Weight: 36 lbs.

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