Redirect Ground Stake Pulley

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    Redirect Ground Stake Pulley

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    • Our Ground Stake Pulley is designed to route or redirect activator cable on your range
    • The top surface is flat with no sharp edges making it much safer than using rebar  
    • This 1/4" thick steel ground stake can be hammered into almost any terrain
    • Gussets prevent the stake from leaning so cable tension remains consistent


    Our Ground Stake Pulley is the perfect accessory to keep things running smooth and safe throughout your match. If your range is using rebar to route and redirect activator cables, you need to rethink your strategy.  Using rebar in this application is against OSHA standards relating to impalement hazards. Our durable 1/4" thick Ground Stake can be hammered into almost any terrain and the top surface is flat which greatly reduces the risk of serious injury if someone falls on it.

    In addition to the safety advantages, our Ground Stake Pulley has about (20) times more surface area than rebar making it much less likely to move after the initial set-up.  This keeps the tension on the cable consistent throughout the match and reduces range malfunctions and delays.   

    Our pulley system allows you to get creative with stage design and tactical training. For example, by placing a Ground Stake Pulley in front of our Pepper Popper, you're able to reverse the direction in which the cable is pulled up to 180 degrees. 


    Ground Stake Length: 12.25" 
    Material: 1/4" thick steel ground stake with Nylon pulley  
    Color: Black powder coat
    Pulley Size: 2.5"


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