Rear or Forward Falling USPSA Mini Popper

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    Rear or Forward Falling USPSA Mini Popper

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    • PATENT PENDING design by Challenge Targets
    • This listing includes our regulation size USPSA Mini Popper target plate
    • Certified USA 3/8" thick AR500 steel rated for handguns, shotguns & rifles
    • Plate measures 28" tall with 8" circle and meets all official USPSA specifications
    • Target can be set to fall rearward or forward with NO change over
    • Calibration to USPSA guidelines is effortless and requires no tools
    • Includes 3/8" thick AR500 steel front guard for protection from errant shots
    • Plate can be removed from base in seconds without tools for easy storage
    • Frame is 1/4" thick steel with 3/8" thick cross members for staking
    • All-weather design with powder coat finish is capable of year-round outdoor use
    • Includes foldable rear bumper assembly for easy transportation & storage
    • Target plate can be locked in upright position for practice (no tools required)
    • Integrated activator system allows secondary targets to be reliably triggered with ease


    Our new Pepper Popper Target does it all!  Our patent pending design is lightweight, portable and quick to set-up.  The Popper base incorporates 3/8" thick steel cross members providing a durable structure that allows ground stakes to be secured before calibration and removed after each match without bending the frame.

    The pivot mechanism keeps the Popper Plate securely locked into the base when it's down making it fast and easy to manually reset between shooters. The plates are flat, reversible, have no welds and can be removed from the base without tools. The rubber bumper and extension frame collapse into the body of the base, making everything compact, stackable and easy to store between matches.  

    Our Popper Targets can be used in both rear falling and forward falling applications. There are no accessories or conversions required to switch between these options. If you set the target up with the rubber bumper behind the plate, it will fall rearward when shot. If you position the bumper in front of the plate, it will fall forward when shot.  It's that simple!

    The target is extremely reliable and easy to calibrate. Simply push the plate forward to compress the spring, then adjust the nut and release the plate. The Popper can be adjusted to any angle between 89 and 75 degrees perpendicular to the ground.

    In USPSA matches, Pepper Popper Targets must be set to fall when shot then manually reset between shooters, but for practice, our design includes a stop pin which can be installed to prevent the target from falling. When the stop pin is installed, shooters will see the target move when shot but won't need to go down range to reset the target.

    Using Poppers to activate secondary targets has never been easier! Just slide your cable through the steel tube on the front face of the target and attach it to the activator arm behind the target plate. Our custom fastener and wingnut make it simple to adjust the tension on the cable.  When the plate falls, the cable is pulled through tube about 4" which is enough to activate a secondary target of your choice. The cable and hardware are fully protected from stray shots and bullet fragments.  

    For reference, USPSA Official rules refer to this shape as a USPSA Mini-Popper but you may hear people refer to it as a 2/3 Pepper Popper or a US Popper.


    Target Plate: 8" diameter x 28" tall x 3/8" thick AR500 steel plate - unpainted
    Front Guard: 3/8" thick AR500 steel plate - unpainted
    Base: 1/4" thick steel with 3/8" thick cross members - black powder coat finish
    Base Dimensions: Extended = 36" x 7" x 4" tall  / Folded = 23.5" x 7" x 4" tall
    Base Weight: 16.5 lbs
    Plate Weight: 15.2 lbs
    Steel Activator Tube:  Inside diameter = .28"

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